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Henderson Recreation is 100% Canadian made. They are the largest playground manufacturers in Canada and have been leaders in quality-built playgrounds for over 45 years. Henderson is dedicated to connecting families within their communities and helping them thrive and grow. Henderson believes that playgrounds should be fun and exciting but also challenging and nurturing. They pride themselves on safe, reliable and innovative products for their most important customer - children. Henderson has an extremely high standards for quality and safety, never compromising either. With over forty years of experience, and third party testing, you can be assured that safety of the children is taken very seriously. Henderson takes many measures to reduce the environmental impact of their materials and manufacturing process. They make it a priority to use recycled, recyclable and renewable resources wherever possible and practice a lean manufacturing system to reduce waste and energy consumption while still ensuring quality, consistency, accuracy and timeliness of all their products. The materials used for the playground equipment consists of recycled plastics and recycled steel and the rock climbers are even available in sustainable corn or soy versions. Green Roots Play Equipment is proud to be the exclusive BC distributors for Henderson Recreation.

Play Mart is the leader in sustainable commercial [playground equipment](playground-equipment.html). They have been manufacturing high quality [playground equipment](playground-equipment.html) and site amenities since 1981.
Play Mart produces their own 100% recycled structural plastic lumber. Each play structure is made up of 80% – 95% recycled materials and the picnic tables and benches are made of nearly 100% recycled content, which diverts millions of pounds of plastics from landfills annually.
Play Mart’s mission is to maintain a high level of integrity, dependability and quality while producing a world class product at affordable prices to the consumer. They want to provide children with the opportunity of experiencing a safe, environmentally friendly, and creative place in which to play and grow. All their playgrounds are ADA accessible to meet the needs of every child on the playground. Play Mart is leading the way towards sustainable communities, creating profound environmental benefits for the future. Green Roots Play Equipment is proud to be the exclusive Canadian Distributor of Playmart Playgrounds. View the Playground Catalogue | Nature of Early Play.

Kids playing in water is the perfect summer activity! Nirbo, a leading Canadian waterpark manufacturer, ensures children have a play environment that is interactive. These waterparks are sure to stimulate their minds while keeping children active. Nirbo’s water playgrounds are designed for children of all ages, with safety being utmost importance. All Nirbo products are ASTM, CSA and ADA compliant.

Zeager is the first in the industry to offer engineered wood products for playgrounds. They offer a full range of playground surfacing products which includes engineered wood fiber, recycled rubber tiles and artificial turf grass. Zeager’s attention to safety standards and consistent quality assures that their products will protect playgrounds for years to come.