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"We're reaching the point where the Earth will have to end the burden we've placed on her, if we don't lift the burden ourselves.”
~Steven M. Greer

Your Quality Playground Equipment Experts!

Green Roots Play Equipment is dedicated to distributing quality playground equipment that will reduce the environmental impact by re-using resources, and provide children with activities necessary for their social, emotional and physical development.

We believe that every playground should meet the needs of every child. We strive to provide inclusively designed playgrounds for children of all abilities, in order to create an equality of play amongst children on the playground.

Our goal is to build sustainable communities by providing children with environmentally friendly playgrounds where they can explore, play laugh and grow.

Help us build sustainable communities and teach children the benefits of recycling by supporting our "green" playgrounds.

Let us take care of your playground equipment needs including structures, surfacing, shade and shelter. We specialize in school playground equipment, municipal parks, community play spaces, pre-schools, for day care centres, campgrounds, hotels and resorts.

Together we can leave a smaller carbon footprint!