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GreenRoots Play Equipment Now Offers Financing!

Financing your playground equipment is now FAST, EASY and AFFORDABLE. Contact us to discuss options relating to your next playground project!

Playground Grants & Fundraising

Did you know that more than 70 percent of school playgrounds are funded through the efforts of Parent Advisory Councils (PAC)? We recognize that it takes time, hard work, creativity and perseverance to make your playground a reality. We can help.

To really raise the money you need, you have to think beyond the bake sale. Think of unique ways to engage residents and businesses in your community. Make it worth their while to participate in your playground fundraising efforts. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Traditional Fundraising

Recognition is a great way to get people motivated to contribute. For businesses, it's a great way to get some good PR, and for residents it's a special way to honour a loved one or important event. Some ways to recognize donors include:

  • Putting their names on a custom sign at the playground or on a piece of playground equipment
  • Selling bricks that will be custom-engraved with their name and date
  • Recognizing donors in your press releases and other media contacts
  • Putting donor names in your playground grand opening program
  • Offering several levels of participation, such as Silver, Gold or Platinum

Other Fundraising Ideas

  • Return-It School :: Encorp is a great way to raise funds!
  • Silent Auctions :: Have a Silent Auction at your Christmas fair.
  • Popcorn Day :: A dollar a bag adds up when you have them once a month.
  • Community Bingo :: Invite the community out to a Bingo Night.
  • Community Dance :: Invite the locals out to a community dance.