Most Popular Playground Equipment

    Blog by Green Roots Play Equipment - 06-12-2019

    Most Popular Playground Equipment
    What are our top 5 most popular playground equipment choices you should consider?

    With school back in session, one thing that matters most for the young students is the awesome playground equipment that they get to enjoy during recess.

    Modern playground equipment has been completely redesigned and re-engineered to maximize the fun youngsters can have! With all the new and improved playground equipment on the market it is difficult to know which is the best and also the most popular playground equipment to consider. That's where we can help!

    Our Top 5!

    Green Roots Play Equipment is a proud Canadian Distributor and installer for a number of different playground equipment manufacturers in Canada. Our most popular playground equipment choices include:
    • Henderson Playground Equipment
    • Berliner Play Equipment
    • Norwell Outdoor Fitness Equipment
    • Music Playground Equipment by Freenotes Harmony Park
    • Vista Playground Furnishings

    We love that playground structures can be educational while helping to keep kids active at the same time.

    Henderson Playground Equipment

    Henderson is widely known for the quality of their playground equipment with amazing and unique designs for all kinds of playground slides, swings, climbers, and crawl tunnels, plus motion toys, slack lines, spinners, geodes, and so much more!

    Berliner Play Equipment

    With names like Spaceball, Cosmodrome, Pentagode, and Palmetto Saucer, it’s no wonder Berliner has some of the most popular playground equipment out there. You can best believe that the play equipment by Berliner is fun, exciting, and stimulating for children of all ages.

    Norwell Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    With unique designs for kids, adolescents, adults, and even seniors, Norwell outdoor fitness equipment helps to reduce stress, promote social interactions, and benefit both physical and mental well-being.

    Freenotes Outdoor Musical Equipment

    Along with climbing, swinging, and slide equipment, some of the most popular playground equipment pieces found in most playgrounds are music related. Music playground equipment by Freenotes Harmony Park caters to the creative child by incorporating musical instruments within their structures. This new product sparks the interest of the musically inclined child and also entices kids who are not familiar with musical instruments to experiment.

    Vista Playground Furnishings

    Virtually every playground needs to be enhanced with furnishings like bike racks, buddy benches, tables, shades, planters, and recycling bins and trash cans. Vista Playground Furnishings manufactures all types of products specifically to fit this need.


    These 5 most popular playground equipment choices are examples of the innovative and fun playground designs that are available today. Check out our playground equipment services page to learn more about how we can help you with full turnkey projects and community playground builds. Ask us about financing options with BC grants for playground sets through the BC government’s Playground Equipment Program (PEP grants).

    To learn more, contact Green Roots Play Equipment online or call us at 1-855-382-7529.


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