Outdoor Classroom Garden Box

    Blog by Green Roots Play Equipment - 06-12-2019

    outdoor classroom garden box
    Add an outdoor classroom garden box to your playground. Teaching children gardening is a great way to help them learn new lifelong skills and have fun at the same time. From sowing and tending their own plants, they can learn about the science of plants, animals, weather, and the environment, and about healthy eating. Add a great learning and play opportunity to the side of your playground. Visit our website to check out our outdoor classroom garden box plus great gardening products and other playground furnishings for your play area by Vista Furnishings. Ask us about the BC government’s Playground Equipment Program (PEP grants).

    Commercial Playground Equipment

    Gardening areas can be a great compliment feature to commercial playground equipment. Gardening can offer more variety and greater opportunities of learning.

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