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0 Take Your Family Outdoors

  • Blog
  • by Green Roots Play Equipment
  • 06-12-2019
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Taking the time to play outdoors in your back yard, hiking through the woods, or at your local park has more benefits to your children and family than anyone can imagine. We will talk about child development in our upcoming blogs. The initial blog will start with the foundation of the children and that starts with family.

Take a moment to think back about your childhood. What were the best memories you had? I guarantee they were family vacations, climbing your first tree, your daddy teaching you how to ride a bike for the first time, camping, skiing, or family cookouts. Some great memories also happen indoors but the highlighted memories are usually outside, like playing until the street lights were turned on and your mother calling your name to come in to eat dinner. Those were great memories.

We know times are different now and children are not left unattended outside, but one thing still remains the same, family memories still need to be made so let’s lay down the devices and go outside with our families. – Green Roots Play Equipment.



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